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February 9, 2013
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Twilight woke up in the fetal position in the middle of nothing.  She was astonished by her own lack of fear, considering she was floating in space in an expanse of white.  No sky, no ground.  Nothing but Twilight, forever and ever...

"Hey, she's awake this time!" Twilight suddenly became aware that someone else was there.  An alicorn in white, somehow more brilliantly white than the white of the nothing surrounding them.  Her cutie mark was a quill and a bottle of ink, and atop her head was a simple brown mane.  She seemed important, like Celestia, but not in that regal sense, more of a maternal...

"You're The Mother!  The Pony that Wrote the Universe!"

"Not quite...Let's approach it this way.  You're a student:  what's the most important thing to learn in a subject?"

"The basics of course.  If you can't master the basics, there's no point in learning the details."

"So--the basics of magic:  what is magic?"

"Rearranging the universe with the power of your conscious thought?"

"Exactly.  But before you can rearrange something you have to..."

"You have to understand it!"

"Excellent!  You truly are a good student.  But before you can understand you have to know..."

"...You have to know that it's there?"

"And if it's there, where are you?"

"...I'm here!  That's why unicorns are so good at magic, our horn acts like an antenna to focus thought, so it's easier to tell what's your thought and what's the thing your thought is trying to act upon.  You're not the Pony that Wrote the Universe! You *are* the universe!  Or rather, you're the avatar my consciousness has assigned to the universe to be able to conceptually tell the difference between it and me!  And I'm not really me, I'm just the avatar my conscious gave itself!  I've actually managed to separate my consciousness from everything that isn't my consciousness!  We're in The Void!"

"Indeed!  I see why they consider you gifted!  I mean, besides the fact that you keep winding up here."

"I've been here before?"

"Twice, though this is the first time you opened your eyes in here."

"...when I was using the Elements of Harmony, for an instant I felt like I really understood where I was..."

"And you were here, utilizing the basics of magic at their most fundamental level.  And yet you didn't open your eyes here because you were focusing on the details of the rearrangement.  Must have been an important spell.  Coincidentally, what are you trying to do this time?"

"...Give a baby dragon a really sweet goatee?"

"Eh, in the zone is in the zone.  That's how Starswirl the Babyfaced wound up here.  Coincidentally, watch out for a backfire when you leave."
Was flipping through my notes for comic scripts and things I want to try drawing when I stumbled on this. Too short for FiMFiction and not really enough meat on the bone to expand. Realized it could go here.
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Obsequiosity Feb 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I will note that I was really close to being prescient here. They apparently *do* have a magical Twilight zone (get it!) that she enters upon a complicated spell, it's just happens to have stars and nebulas and Celestia and flashback televisions in it.
TheWrongestTrousers Feb 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
That's one really fancy way to meet a pony Faust by trying to focus a mustache.
Obsequiosity Feb 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
If you're going to do it, might as well do it the fancy way...
TheWrongestTrousers Feb 10, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Too true.
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